Block Measurement Struggle Soldier Freedom – Bitcoin Journal

Block Measurement Struggle Soldier Freedom – Bitcoin Journal

That is an opinion editorial by Tomer Strolight, editor-in-chief of Swan Bitcoin and writer of “Why Bitcoin.”

Half 1: Introduction

Phrases. How do you describe with phrases the issues that we don’t have phrases for? Phrases describe issues we’re accustomed to. However we’ve by no means seen something like Bitcoin earlier than. That’s why it’s so arduous to explain it. So we use metaphors, that are nonetheless simply previous phrases for different issues.

The identical is true if you your self participate in one thing that’s by no means occurred earlier than — one thing that no person’s accustomed to. If you wish to describe it, and even perceive it in your personal self, virtually any phrase you utilize is only a metaphor. It’s a must to stretch and bend the meanings of the phrases you do have and attempt to paint sufficient of an image as to why they apply. However, in the event you’re going to be sincere, you even have to color the image clearly sufficient to not confuse or mislead the folks you’re speaking with. This contains your self. It’s very easy to get misled if you don’t have the phrases to explain what it’s you’re doing.

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